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Yeah, it's been a while.  Here's a "quick" rundown of some of the pop culture stuff I've been consuming lately--to actually go into detail on any of these would require seperate entries for each. And probably also cuts:

--I read some more Xanth, a neat book about Asian culture (not just anime, but also like, foods, drinks, crafts, etc.), a cool big huge illustrated book about the history of sci-fi and an awesome prose novel about the early days of Superman that, among other things, totally NAILED the '30s culture.

--Played some more games, including Sims Medieval, various flash games on Kongregate, the new "You Don't Know Jack" and GASP!  an actual physical board game!

--Watched the '60s Marvel toons (including "WHEN CAPTAIN AMERICA THROWS HIS MIGHTY SHIIEEELLLD!"  Any of you out there who know that song?  It's now stuck in your head for the week.  You're welcome!), the '60s Spiderman cartoon, the random '60s DC cartoons, the '60s and '70s Batman cartoons, all by Filmation, and am now onto the '60s Fantastic Four cartoon.  Which, for a Hanna Barbera thing, isn't so bad.  I dunno.  I'm enjoying it so far. Then again, I only _semi_-ironically enjoy "Superfriends", so keep that in mind.

--Watched Torchwood up through "Children of Earth".  Will never, ever, ever, ever, EVER blindly trust a fictional franchise again.  The overwhelmingly, hatefully, POINTLESSLY bleak despair and high-octane nightmare fuel messed me up psychologically even worse than I already was--because of FICTION, which I was watching in the first place to ESCAPE from the depression of everyday life!--and put traumatizing images into my head that I can never, ever unsee.  THANKS, writers! 

--Finished Season 3 of Sarah Jane Adventures, too.  Other than the stupid and gross ending of the last episode, don't really have much of a problem with that series.  It's goofy sci-fi adventures against goofy-looking aliens WITH better special effects but WITHOUT slobbering, drooling, hormonal worship everywhere, so...basically what New Who should have been?

--Speaking of, I finally finished Season 4 of Doctor Who, all the specials, and have finally met Eleven!  (party streamers, noisemaker)  I have SO MUCH I WANT TO SAY ABOUT ALL OF THIS--but I've only got two friends on this blog and they both ignore me, including my best friend of over 10 years.

And...that's really the problem.  Why I took several months to get around to updating this thing. It's not that I don't have stuff to say--TONS! All the time!  I am just bubbling over with fangirl gush and angry fangirl bile and babble and theories and ideas!  But NOBODY IS LISTENING.  I've got no way at all to say these things where they'll become a conversation instead of a rant into the darkness, and that is just driving me completely bonkers CRAZY.  Used to be fine with writing stuff down just for the sheer fun of organising my thoughts...when I was getting answered SOMETIMES.  To not get answered at all is depressing. And makes me feel even weirder and crazier than I already do.  :(

That's not to say I'm shutting this thing down, just...that's why the long abscence.  Like anybody cares.

Oh!  And I almost forgot--here is part 3 of the Williams Legacy--again, as if anyone was reading it.  I could join an actual Sims LJ community, but...my writing style just doesn't fit in with them...



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Feb. 17th, 2012 12:30 am (UTC)
I'm more'n happy to hear further Torchwood rants, as that show still makes me head-desk quite a lot and I haven't even watched it in like two or three years. But I could talk about anti-Torchwood-edness all day, believe me.

Alas, however, I cannot help you with the Doctor Who thoughts. Because we'd just end up FRUSTRATING each other. Because my feelings towards Doctor Who are the exact diametric opposite of yours -- the episodes with Ten (PARTICULARLY the specials) touched me more deeply than I can say (particularly the specials; I can never emphasize enough the deep emotional response I had to "Waters of Mars" and "The End of Time") ... whereas what Moffat has done with Eleven and with "Who" in general makes me want to throw shoes. And I know from some of our previous conversations that it is, for you, the exact opposite. :)

So, yeah ... since all we'd end up doing is frustrating each other, there's no point in trying to have a "Who" conversation. :) You gotta find somebody who isn't crazy about the Davies era but loves the Moffat era ... and I am afraid I cannot help you with that. Trust me though, people are out there! (I think myself and my one pal are the only two people on the PLANET who love the Davies era better; everybody else, at least in this country, appear to prefer Moffat. They're out there, they're out there! I'm just so not one of them. :))

I enjoy your superhero thoughts, though, so I am intrigued to hear more about these cartoons. Like, for starter's: where are you watching these things, like the Captain America stuff? Is it on YouTube?
Feb. 17th, 2012 04:50 am (UTC)
Oh, Moffat ain't off my hook, either--I've got _plenty_ of problems with him just from his singleton episodes alone. But my main impressions from "The Eleventh Hour" alone, is that I have no problem with Matt Smith yet, the new theme song is AWESOME (it sounds properly _weird_, and even a bit...retro?), what brief glimpse I've had of the new TARDIS interior seems...promising?--and the logo is dumb, but I can deal.

But that's all surface stuff. Actual plots I can't say yet.

What bothers me the most about the worship thing with the Doctor (well, probably tied with the other parts of it I hate, really) is the fact that EVERYBODY believes in the Doctor this way. _Everybody_.
Seriously...and by the End of Time, it hit me the worst. RTD's universe is a _zombie_ verse. It feels like everybody's under _mind_ control! EVERYBODY, worships the Doctor. Not just a _few_ characters put in to be the mouthpiece for the writer's beliefs, no. _Everybody_...who isn't a bad guy, meant to be unlikeable, or sometimes they even come around by the end anyway. It's like the fucking Invasion of the Body Snatchers, how eerie it gets. Cue the sun!

I know they're fictional characters and therefore completely under his control, but GEEZ...

You said that you found RTD's "exploration" of the idea interesting, and I might too..._if_ it WAS an exploration. But there isn't one. There's no..._debate_, no wondering, no showing both sides. It's not a _study_ of this possible new religion from the OUTside, in a classroom. It's completely from the inside. From the point of view of a true believer. And he will not. STOP. Trying to convert us!
An actual _exploration_ of the Doctor's "godhood" WOULD have been intriguing. Pity we didn't get one.

My problems with "The End of Time" are WAY the freak too many to put here, but I'll say the main one:
_It ruined its own mood_.

I WANTED to be sad about Ten going out. I wanted to be all emotional, and swept up in it, and on the edge of my seat with a box of Kleenexes ready, like I was for all the others.
But then they had random leaping, Skeletor, eating people lightning hands Magneto Master WHAT THE _FUCK_ and the stupid idiotic twitching-head-back-and-forth effect that made _everybody on the planet_ look like him and I've seen an episode of SUPERFRIENDS that did this with more dignity--and the Doctor whined and had an actual freaking _temper tantrum_ like a baby where he shoved things off the desk, and even worse--he considered, really CONSIDERED, letting Wilfred _die_ because he was just "a little person"! and I wanted to take him by his lapels and _shake_ him...

...and the drama was ruined by the stupid and the sadness was ruined by the character decay and it was all a _mess_. So much potential. So much WASTE, because RTD has no idea what "subtle" means.

And all I could think of was...
...a claustrophobic underground base with people being picked off by Cybermen one by one...the Time Lords putting him on trial in a creepy, stylised black-and-white void..."A tear, Sarah Jane?" (BAWLS)...falling forever off that tower..."So I'm NOT going to let you STOP ME NOW!"..."Ten million years of absolute power. That's what it takes to be _really_ corrupt!"..."There are worlds where the sky is burning, the sea's asleep and the rivers dream..." "Rose. Have a good life." and _that_ was written by the same guy, so HOW did "End of Time" go so _wrong_?!

(Yeah, Six and Seven have lines from their _normal_ last episodes instead of actual pre-regeneration adventures and Eight isn't represented at all...couldn't be helped.)

If you got something positive out of the Doctor's "I'm the god. I'M the god!!", I'm honestly curious as to what. I don't mean to say your opinion is automatically invalid and stupid, I just...don't get it. Obviously LOTS of people get _exactly what RTD wants them to get_ out of all this. I just...wish I knew how. I walk into the church, and where everybody else hears soaring, uplifting music, _I_ just hear noise.

As for Torchwood, I'm all ranted out, about "Children of Earth". I screamed about it until I finally felt slightly better, and that's it. If you say something _specific_ about TW, though, I can try to answer.

Superhero stuff in the next message.

Feb. 17th, 2012 09:38 am (UTC)
Hopefully shorter side-notes:

--My eagerness to reach Matt Smith had nothing to do with getting rid of Ten (well, at least until he outright started _trying_ to make himself as scary and unlikeable as possible, but even that I don't hold against _Ten_, himself. Even he is just another pawn in the hands of evil puppetmaster Russel, so, we can say he was mind-controlled like everyone else. Ya know. The typical giant-space-bug defense.) or wanting to reach Moffat's era, but to finally reach that _milestone_.
I am curious to start finding out what the new guy is like and..._morbidly_, side-eyed curious as to find out exactly what Moffat is going to do different with the show.

--The cartoons--in case you're wondering why all the '60s and '70s, I decided to go chronological and that's the era I happened to be watching since the last time I posted--which was in July of 2011. Probably I've also seen the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons since then, too--which, by the way, I DO reccommend. They're _gorgeous_, stylised, Lois is awesome, considering it's the '40s and they're PUBLIC DOMAIN, baby.

Anyway it probably started with Superfriends--after I was AMAZED at actually finding (most of) something _that_ nostalgic and obscure-ish from my childhood, I decided to look up FULL lists of the animated serieses (why only animated I don't know, but I do plan to look into some live-action ones later. The live-action Flash is already the show I dribble out ONE more episode of to myself whenever I'm _really_ depressed*. He is just. THAT. Loveable.) for each of the big companies. Not just the "official" AU serieses, but ALL of them. I expected to find only a couple and then zoom right on to the era of Justice League and Batman Beyond, but to my amazement I KEEP actually finding these pre-Tim-Burton-era ones! So, that's what I've been watching. I have a high tolerance for cheese as long as it's _enjoyable_ cheese.

Of course, I've already watched several of the later serieses (all three X-Men cartoons, Spiderman and Batman: TAS, Superfriends--which _would've_ been before the '70s Batman if I hadn't already done it), so it's not going to be perfectly chronological or match up right. But for the ones I _haven't_ seen, I've been alternating DC and Marvel.

Sorry to just do quick sum-ups, but I didn't think to write down my impressions on individual epsiodes on this journal, and a lot of these I watched quickly so they sorta blurred in my mind anyway.


*Yes, Children of Earth WAS one of those times I bought a bus ticket to Central City again...
Feb. 17th, 2012 01:48 pm (UTC)
Two quick responses, 'cause I've got a packed day today! ... but I did wanna reply a bit & keep the conversation going (because if I don't do it right away, I tend to just sort of FORGET ENTIRELY, if you know how that goes):

and the Doctor whined and had an actual freaking _temper tantrum_ like a baby where he shoved things off the desk, and even worse--he considered, really CONSIDERED, letting Wilfred _die_ because he was just "a little person"! and I wanted to take him by his lapels and _shake_ him...

Whereas I wanted to give the Doctor an enormous hug in between my crying. Because I knew exactly how he felt, because I've felt like that. ALL THE TIME. (... er. Not the part where I have to decide whether or not to sacrifice myself for someone else; that's actually never come up. ;-) But the part where I'm being put in a position where I have to grow and change and move on and I don't want to do it?? Yeah, THAT I can relate to, believe you me. I mean, I totally get that it could drive some people insane, that scene, but in my case -- I just read it that way and then related and emphasized to the point where I couldn't half-breathe between sobs, and that was that. :))

If you got something positive out of the Doctor's "I'm the god. I'M the god!!", I'm honestly curious as to what. I don't mean to say your opinion is automatically invalid and stupid, I just...don't get it. Obviously LOTS of people get _exactly what RTD wants them to get_ out of all this. I just...wish I knew how. I walk into the church, and where everybody else hears soaring, uplifting music, _I_ just hear noise.

I get something positive out of it because the Doctor _is_ a demigod, to my way of seeing. I know he introduces himself as "just" an alien, but his mythology runs so deep (in both the world of the show, and, let'e be honest, in our own world thanks to a show with 50 or 60 or whatever years of history) that he's more like a Greek or Egyptian god to me than he is Just Another Character.

Like ... okay, here's the difference. "Twilight" ticks me off because Bella treats Edward like a god, but Edward is just a smarmy vampire bloke undeserving of such attention. Everyone in "Doctor Who" treats the Doctor like a god, and I'm okay with that because he IS one. The Doctor has the centuries and the near-immortality and the memories and the abilities and (here's the most important one) the GOODNESS to back up such a claim. Edward doesn't.

It doesn't bother me when characters get all semi-worshipful and blindly-following of the Doctor, because I feel like he deserves it. And that's not to say that if Martha Jones had established a church building and started holding worship services for people to kneel to the Doctor every Sunday, that I would be cool with it, because No. That's too far.
Feb. 17th, 2012 01:48 pm (UTC)

But having Martha walk the Earth as the Doctor's disciple spreading the Good Word, so that faith in the Doctor can resurrect him, in time for him to save the Earth and forgive his worst enemy?? C'mon: I'm a born and raised devout Catholic who eats up religious allegory with a spoon. How can you blame me for responding to it so whole-heartedly?? This is MY story, THE story, in sci-fi form. _That's_ what I get out of it, and why I respond so utterly to it, I think.

... I fear I'm not explaining this well, and oversimplifying my opinion, and also making it sound like I'm a blind sheep who probably reads a lot of the "Left Behind" series and votes Conservative. (I hate the LB series with all my heart and am currently looking to change my Democrat registration to Independent, thank you. :D) I've always loved stories about gods and demi-gods -- Greek mythology, Deep Space Nine with their talk of the Prophets, books for teens by Rick Riordan. :) I know the Doctor is not like the Greek gods, inasmuch as no one in real life ever worshipped the Doctor (or still worships him, since I know a small handful of people still worship the Greek gods) -- and I know even in the context of the SHOW he's not that. But some of the characteristics are the same, and anyway I like allegory. I just do. It pulls at something in me -- my heart, my soul, whatever you want to call it -- and really _resonates_ with me. Again, I can see how plenty of people might be all, Please to be getting your weird religious fascination out of my "Who," Davies, and anyway you know you're an atheist, right?? -- but, I mean: I always feel that it also makes sense if it DOES happen to resonate with you. You know?

(... will be back later to respond to the rest; gotta get goin'! :))
Feb. 18th, 2012 02:18 am (UTC)
Ah, that's it--that's the key thing. You _are_ religious. I'm not.

To you it's _the_ story, and you loved it because it was sci-fi retelling something similar to your beliefs in an emotionally meaningful way. To me, it was...the story _nobody will shut up about_, in real life. The more obviously religious it got, the more I rolled my eyes and wanted to throw things at the screen!
Who it was about didn't matter; the problem was that the whole feeling was that the Doctor was THE God, as in, the Christian one, not one of a selection of many possible choices. THAT would've made it feel more obviously like its own fictional story, and I wouldn't have been irritated at all. THIS was like what I have to put up with _every freaking day_.

Now, don't _you_ think that I'm a HATER of all religious people and vote psychotically _left_-wing, either. I am fine with religions and religious people. I _chose_ to take a "World Religions" class in college, and it ruled! I know some quite cool true-believers, including a Mormon who speaks seven languages--so he's obviously smart--is a Trekkie, and, I kid you not, _named his kids after Doctor Who Companions_. My very first best friend, as a little teeny kid, was not only Jewish but the daughter of a _Rabbi_!
I'm just anti-_proselytising_. You leave me alone, and I'll leave you alone.

As to why I have such a VIOLENT knee-jerk reaction to anything that even vaguely smacks of mainstream Christian preaching? My past experiences. I partly grew up as a feminist Democrat atheist in THE most conservative/Mormon city in the county, then joined a messageboard that I was really enjoying and well settled into...while it got slowly taken over by hyper-religious teenagers. Who constantly kept trying to "save" me--or even worse, saying that because I don't believe in God I _have no morals_ (SNARL) and am going to Hell! But there were still cool people there I had fun conversations with, and _I was there first_.

Constantly having views you don't agree with _shoved_ down your throat would make just about anybody bitter.

The Doctor being God: I'm okay with the idea of him as A God--he _does_ have the power for it and _is_ indeed revered, even worshipped by many cultures on account of how many he's saved over all of time and space. This is, in fact, seen as far back as the FIRST Doctor--you ever seen the serial "The Ark"? (Not to be confused with "The Ark in Space", with Four.) At one point they leap back to the _same_ place only in the future, to discover that they now have LEGENDS about the Doctor and actual mythology books about him. (Except they got the name wrong. :P)

Anyway. Yeah, I'm willing to admit he has the POWER of a god. And does deserve respect.

But the ultimate, obvious, universe-given _right_ to rule over me and everybody else? No. That whole idea just..._no_! I can _respect_ people. People can be smarter, richer, stronger, better at various tasks, and even a better leader than me. But you are never BETTER than me. Not in the like...moral, judgement of the universe, obvious and forever knee-bending kind of way.
If _anybody_ was to come the closest to that it'd be the Doctor, who actually HAS gone around saving all kinds of people. But still. No.

I also don't believe in perfection, which makes the very idea of ANY being having _the_ power--nobody and noTHING higher or equal to stop him, FUCKING _TERRIFYING_ rather than comforting! Because no matter how good they started off...beings get _bored_. And powerful beings get bored in scary ways.
Ah, but God isn't _people_, per se, and doesn't have our human flaws? That's the problem. I wasn't raised to believe in the concept of incorruptibility. No matter how powerful, I still assume everything sentient has SOME kind of emotions--all of them.
(And if sci-fi has taught us ANYTHING, it's taught us that emotionless robots aren't the way to go either...)

So that's where I'm coming from: Believe whatever you want, as long as you let me believe what _I_ want. And that includes "sneaking" YOUR religious messages into MY sci-fi, too.
Mind you, I'm perfectly _fine_ with sci-fi spreading its more usual messages of tolerance, diversity and environmental concerns...


Edited at 2012-02-18 08:37 pm (UTC)
Feb. 18th, 2012 02:49 am (UTC)
Also, what is WITH actual real-life atheists putting religion into their sci-fi? I don't get that either. :P J. Michael Straczynski, who describes himself as "an atheist with an interest in religion" puts a LOT of religious symbolism into Babylon 5. (The difference is, people aren't going around saying "He's the most WONDERFUL person in the universe, he burns like the fire at the heart of creation, he's the lonely angel, the wandering god, the oncoming storm" about any particular person no, just...religious stuff in general, all over.)
I'm also okay with allegory..._when done right_. RTD wouldn't know what the word "subtle" means if you WHACKED him across the face with it! _Every_. Single. Time he tries to "hint" at anything, you end up with _long_, obvious longing looks, sappy violin stings and CHORUSES OF ANGELS! AHHHH! (halo) He...yeah. He doesn't _do_ allegory or subtle, building up chemistry that feels real and natural between characters. He's like: THE DOCTOR IS HOT. ROSE, MARTHA AND JACK ARE IN LOVE WITH HIM. AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO, BECAUSE HE'S GOD.

I've _seen_ subtle allegories in things that I DID like, however. Did you know, the Narnia books are among my childhood favourites? And now that I _know_ the whole thing is a Christian allegory, I still like them anyway?

DS9 and the Prophets...HOO boy. The thing about the belief being vindicated because--hey! Turns out these beings actually ARE real! was...kinda cool! I thought that was legitimately sorta interesting and had no problem with the prophets existing or the Bajorans worshipping them. Heck, I threw together a Bajoran _Vedic_'s outfit out of stuff I had around and won a costume contest with it once. :P (No, seriously, I had like this big flat bracelet that I used for that like, ring, that they have holding the robes together on the shoulder? Made a fancy Bajoran earring out of bits of old jewelry that had broken...I still have the thing, and it's _modular_: Take off the extra strings of beads to play a regular Bajoran--put them back on for a religious official.)

...it's when Sisko started BELIEVING in his own mythological hype and the show got all...mystically and whatnot, towards the end, that I have a problem with. It felt like the writing had gone downhill. It started with a neat show about a space station and ended with the commander falling forever into...the pits of Hell, _what_?

And I LOVE mythology. Love love LOVE. I am _so_ into Greek, Norse, and Celtic mythology. I have _multiple_ books of fairy/folktales from around the world. I have used that stuff for inspiration. I've drawn "fanart", I've written a Gargoyles fic that _centered_ around the Third Race and Hercules: The Animated Series is one of my favourite cartoons. And I took a World Religions class. (Everybody who thought they knew me was SHOCKED--I was known as That Angry Atheist Girl all through high school and college.)

Again, the difference is--say it with me now: _It's presented in a telling ABOUT it as a cultural phenomenon kind of way, from the outside, rather than shoved down our throats from the believer viewpoint_. That's it.
(And that's related to why I took the World Religions class--key word: WORLD. _About_ MANY religions. Living in a community DOMINATED by just one, this sounded _so_ refreshing.)

Anyway. Yeah. I LOVE mythology! Totally down with it! Just don't try to make me believe it myself, and keep shoving it in _everywhere_, including stories where that kind of thing really doesn't belong and bogs things down. (Another major problem I have with RTD'S writing is that he doesn't say something _occasionally_ and trust the audience to remember, but, as an actual _rule_ it seems, HAS to shove it in to EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Gaaaah.)

Incidentally Martha walking the Earth as a badass wandering nun was KICKASS...if only it hadn't been for...
And you see the post right below this, the "It's the End of the World As We Know It" one? The book I review in that post has a character almost EXACTLY LIKE THAT. With a post-apocalyptic Earth, and she's another woman of colour, and everything. The only difference is, she goes around spreading hope by _killing zombies and demons with a magic staff_. :P


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Feb. 18th, 2012 12:14 pm (UTC)
Sorry about all the multiple posts. Anyway, just wanted to sort of apologise/explain a few things better here:

I _do_ have stuff I believe in, I'm not totally cynical. I just like to get my inspiration from various things that really spoke to me on their own, rather than have it foisted on me from the outside. Sometimes really _stupid_ stuff. I didn't mean to sound so negative. Sorry.

--The Doctor's status: I don't think he's a God, but I do hold him to higher standards than other characters. I don't want to worship him, but he's like...your dad, when you're a little kid and truly look up to your parents? He's the "cool dad" of _the whole universe_--your shield against the darkness, so to see him start to BECOME that is like, _the wrongest thing EVER_. I also want him to be unrealistically Off Limits for romance with his Companions.
(Romance with a (typical) Companion is Mary Sueish. Romance with a mature, undazzled woman/man/other? Fine. Knock yourself out.)

I totally understand why Ten didn't want to change and grow up--if ANYBODY could empathise with that, it's me--but the _way_ he was doing it...the tantrum seemed like all that whiny emoness I had already disliked from Season 3 CRANKED UP ALL THE WAY. And not helping Wilf? Okay, I get not wanting to sacrifice your life. I _get_ it. But, this is the DOCTOR. Whatever happened to the man who dragged himself, dying, through oxygenless caves in order to save a loud, obnoxious woman he _just barely met_?! And here's that same guy, five regenerations later, refusing to step into a chamber and save an AWESOME, wonderful, loveable old guy he knows quite well. You're..._right there_! You're like FIVE FEET AWAY! You're fucking _looking directly into his EYES_ while refusing to save him. How can you DO that?!

This ruined "End of Time" for me because a Doctor's last story is supposed to be his MOST likeable--instead, he first came across as...so staggeringly out of character I couldn't even _hate_, through the shock (BRAGGING like a frat-douche about banging Queen Elizabeth? Who ARE you, show, and what have you done with Doctor Who?!), then goes emo to the point of _parody_ and then that. By the end I started to think that perhaps regeneration would be a GOOD thing--his data had obviously gotten corrupted. Time to reboot.

Now if that was Davies's _intention_, then...bravo? Different, at least? But I don't think so...

Mind you: This is not the _first_ time the Doctor did something so bad, it made me stop _accepting_ him. The first time happened back in the CLASSIC series, with Seven.

My main problem with the whole worship thing is really, at heart, a WRITING one. You _do not_ just blatantly make your characters say your beliefs like puppets instead of their own people. Not sure where exactly that's written down, but You Just Don't. Want to rant? Write a political flyer or give a sermon but NOT. IN FICTION. Okay, sure, it's okay to have your beliefs _inform_ and shape the piece, and to get BITS of them in. But don't have your main character just stand up and lecture the audience. And if EVERYBODY of any consequence in your universe does it..._damn_. Is there even a term for that?

Anyway, that's my main problem with Davies' writing--I keep SEEING the writing, and it takes me out of the story. If I was able to just throw myself in and get swept away like everyone else, I'd enjoy it SO much more. When the show works, it works very well, but I KEEP being jolted by obvious author avatars, opinions, and cheap attempts to manipulate me, with the end result that I feel like the only one at a magic show who sees that, under all the showmanship, the magician himself? Is kind of a jerk.
Everybody else is laughing and clapping and I'm like, "Who CARES about his cute mannerisms and nerdly quoting and leaping about all hyper, did you hear what he just _said_ to that woman? Did you see the cruel thing he just _did_?" The combination of this feeling and having absolutely nobody else to TALK to about the show has made me bitter and artificially intensified the anger on account of being bottled up too long.

Which is why I'm glad you're putting up with me. So far. :)


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Feb. 17th, 2012 07:01 am (UTC)
You know my tastes, so if _I_ call something cheesy? You Have Been Warned.


Looking for good animation? Turn back NOW. These are more like..._motion comics_. And try not to be scared off by the theme songs--the Captain American one has a certain charm to it, but the Hulk one...Chaotica SMASH!!

The plus, however, is the _writing_. I would never have expected superhero cartoons from the '60s to have actual characterisation, personality conflicts, snarky banter, changes that _stick_ and plot twists that honestly surprised me, but these did! (But only because I know NOTHING AT ALL about these characters; that's why I was watching these. To learn.)

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Would reccommend, to anybody who can get past the woodenness and cheese. It has actual plot twists, manages to give Cap genuinely heart-tugging sad moments, he's just plain loveable even when being Stoic and Manly, and the bickering amongst the original Avengers could fit into the _90s_ X-Men cartoon. Apparently Marvel has just ALWAYS written that way?
True fact: I watched one of these _on the Fourth of July_. :)

NAMOR, THE SUB-MARINER: Don't bother. The character isn't just a loner anti-hero, he's an outright arrogant _jerk_. I couldn't sympathise with him at all. There's some halfway creative fantasy concepts and pretty undersea environments here, but, eh. Thow this one back.

IRON MAN: Once you get past the unfortunately _several_ episodes with the Mandarin, it really picks up. But everything that happens might be a spoiler to people who don't know the basics of Iron Man's early stories, and I don't know if you do. Let's just say relationships change and _stay_ changed, and I was both startled and charmed. Oh, and as usual, the sidekick is more interesting/loveable than the boss.

HULK: I knew this character all my life, but it never really occurred to me how _sympathetic_ he could be! There are several scenes here that made me Awww. There's also a lot of sci-fi goofy, but when the cartoon gets a chance to show emotion, it does it pretty well.

THOR: Probably my second-least favourite after Namor, but I still found some things to sympathise with about the character even here. And I'm all about Norse mythology, so there's that.

'60s DC cartoons:

THESE are what you'd expect: Campy superhero exploits that are fun but have very little to latch onto underneath. There are MOMENTS, but...
Still interesting to check out just for the sheer VARIETY of characters, including those that most people probably don't know _had_ a headlined show of their own. Aquaman of all people had his own whole _series_, and the Flash, Green Lantern, Teen Titans and the Atom had three small episodes to themselves each. (And MAAAAANNN, did they mess up GL. Wow.) The animation DOES look more like a normal cartoon, in that cheesy oldschool kinda way.

'60s Spiderman cartoon:
THIS is the one with the theme song you know. Yes, you do. Let's all sing! "Spiderman. Spiderman. Does whatever a spider can!" The whole J. Jonah Jameson is constantly out to GET Spiderman thing is _way_ overdone, but the show manages to portray Peter Parker as a likeable smart-alec nerd, still. And the voice-actor changes his _voice_ when being Spiderman--All Business! and Heroic! as Spidey, a meek nerd as Peter. Neat.
Also noteworthy is the sudden mood _whiplash_ between the cheerful, swingin', mod first season, and the WHAM! IT'S THE '60S NOW! darker, frantic, psychedelic second one. _Ralph Bakshi_ was behind the wheel in 1968...

The '70s Batman cartoon: Things to note are that _Adam West and Burt Ward_ play the voices of Batman and Robin and that this is the one with (twinkle sound effect) Bat-Mite! So now I can see why everybody wants him dead/why it was a big deal to bring him back on "Batman: The Brave and the Bold".

The '60s Fantastic Four? Same traits as the other early Marvel toons: Cheesy but with actual relationships and traits--not DEEP ones, but they're _there_. The beginning episode managed to make me go "Awww" for the Human Torch _twice_...and I previously could not STAND him, based off of the live-action movie! So that's something.

As for where I FOUND these? Well, _some_ you might be able to find on YouTube. Ahem.

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