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SO!  I've been away for a while, and I have tons of good old-fashioned geekery to babble on about.   But in an effort to keep the size of this post down, I'm'a just sum up.  I've gotten into superheroes lately in a big way.  This caused the following:

--I looked up Green Lantern finally and instantly LOVED the whole concept of that universe, and from there, I'm now looking into DC stuff (whereas before my main comic fascination was the X-Men) including the organizations various GL's have belonged to, such as the Justice League/Society.
--Due to that, I started semi-reading Silver Age GL comics, which led me to two conclusions: (a)  Hal Jordan used to be genuinely loveable before they screwed him up later, and (b) GROOVY 60S CAMP IS GROOVY, DANGIT.  :)  Then I backtracked and...
--Started reading (surprisingly violent!) Golden Age comics.  Seriously, the baddies AND heroes of 1940 meant business.
--Saw "Wolverine and the X-Men" recently too, as well as rewatching the three Spiderman movies.  YES, all three.
--Saw "Justice League:  New Frontier" and have a LOT to say about that...I'll post my review under a cut later.  Whether you want me to or not.
--And I've FINALLY gotten around to checking out "Batman:  The Animated Series", which is where the post title's line comes from.  (Alfred says it, of course). 

I have fangirlish joking commenting snarky captioning fanart-drawing geekery out the frigging YIN-YANG that I could post here, but I"m trying desperately to keep this one short...ish.  And, of course, I've already failed.


Off to Beat the Emperor

...or get beaten down by him, more likely.   I just got to the end battle of Final Fantasy 2 for the very first time, and--

Yeah.  I see you out there, you nonexistent readers, laughing/smiling knowingly to yourself.  I hear the equally-nonexistent disbelieving cries of "WHAT?!  She JUST NOW got to the end of Final Fantasy 2?   And she claims to be an RPG fan?  What's wrong with her?!  Is she like, 12 or something, is that it?"  You're sitting there picturing like, Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, Kain, Xeromus, the Land of Monsters, the "spoony bard", etc. well GUESS what.  I don't mean Final Fantasy 2 for the Super Nintendo--which was of course actually 4.  I mean REAL 2, bitches!  Which has, okay, been available in legitimately buyable, English-language form for a while now, but this is my own first time coming to the end of it, and I'll bet it's still rather obscure to a lot of people.   There are definitely less people out there for whom the names "Firion and Maria" would mean anything, as compared to "Cecil and Rosa".  I mean of COURSE I know from Final Fantasy 4.   One of my usernames is after Rydia, for one thing.  I also recently named a pair of Sim-twins Cecil and Rosa.  (for reasons that made sense at the time.)

The Emperor of Palamecia is BADASS, by the way.  For being one of the lesser-known villians of the series, he's easily also one of the most successful.  Unlike many other villians who just threaten and bluster, he DELIVERS, baby--and by the end of the game, many towns are ruined and tons of civillians are dead! 
There's also an insanely high death-count of actual player characters and notable NPC's, and they're REALLY dead. As I went along, the number of scenes where somebody actually faded out in front of me--instead of going missing/being left behind in a Doomy situation and just being ASSUMED dead (and yes, FF4 I'm looking at you) started to freaking blow me AWAY.  I was not expecting anything quite this dark or Epic this early in!  The only more successful FF villian I can think of right now is Kefka.  Lots of bad guys talk about destroying the world--he's the only one to actually DO it.

There are two ways to take down His Royal Emperorness:  The normal, hard way...and the "secret" easy way if you've got a certain weapon.  Which I do.  But, I'm gonna TRY to do it the real way first, at least once.   This version of the game oddly lets you save in dungeons--even right in front of the final boss!--so I have saved, in case I really can't take him down the normal way and HAVE to give up and use the weapon.  I was trying to make it through this game without ever using a spot-save, despite the fact that I'm using an emulator--I depend on those WAY too much. Trying to break myself of the habit.   But it IS an incredibly long and annoying dungeon--a DOUBLE-dungeon, with no break between the two parts--and since the game itself lets you save wherever then, okay, I'm gonna count it as "legal".  I've never saved while inside a dungeon at any other time in this game, however.  That's just...not how RPGs work.

Here we are on the tenth level of Pandaemonium (no, it's really called that), about to get our asses handed to us in the name of SAVING THE WORLD!! (ting!)

And here are our final stats.  Perhaps an expert on this game could look at that and go "HOLY crap, you gonna die." but unfortunately nobody like that is reading this.  So, yeah.  All I know is that the monsters in Pandaemonium seemed to be about the right level of difficulty for a final dungeon--hard enough to where you have to take them seriously, sometimes even a bit scary--but not SO hard you get reduced to your component molecules as soon as look at them.

Of course, FF2 doesn't have standard "levels" at all, anyway.  Yes, this is the game where you infamously "level up" (raise HP, anyway) by deliberately HITTING YOUR OWN TEAMMATES.  Or even yourself!  (I always found it funnier to beat each other up than to be Emo, though.)  Later on the battles start being hard enough to where you get stronger over time at a more or less natural rate by fighting the way you would've done anyway, like in other games--but to begin with, you wanna raise your HP, against those wimpy goblins and mosquitoes?  You HIT YOUR FRIENDS! And they'll thank you for it.  Really.  C'mon over here, Firion, I wanna help YOU level up.  (sinister smile)
It's especially funny when you're trying to raise HP and also magic at the same time--one of the main spells you'll be working on is of course Cure.  So you quite often get these situations where one character heals another, and what's their reward for this good deed?  SWORD TO THE FACE!  :P  Or, for a metaphysical lark, try Swapping life-force with...yourself.  BUH?

The names here aren't anything clever. I kept trying to think of cute references or naming them after previous RPG characters of my own, etc. but nothing quite worked, so they're just name-names.  Except for Firion, who kinda reminded me of David Bowie.  ;)

And speaking of Sims...this actually happened back in February, but I didn't hear about it until June and am posting it only now because...well, I'm depressed, and didn't feel like updating this thing much, since nobody's reading it.

Ten years' worth of funny moments, sad moments, surprises, drama and colourful characters I never would've met, otherwise.  Thank you, Sims.  You haven't ruined my life--you've added to it.  :)  (Yes, I'm sentimental over a video game.  You think that''s weird?   I don't care.)

All three of the screenshots here are from my own playing, of course.  The top one contains my versions of Dee and Billy (from when I used to  like the new Battlestar Galactica), Mortimer Goth sitting in the chair, and Bella Goth, my mom's first Sim character Sycamore Thames, and Daria Morgendorffer talking about pizza in the corner.  The middle one has Kaylynn Lothario nee Langerak sitting down to eat a grilled cheese sandwich in her business outfit while her alien stepson Allan and her daughter Penelope both dance to the radio. 
And the third one is NOT my selfsim. Really.  She just turned out to look more like me than I intended.  Anyway, she is making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because it's PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!  PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! Sorry. (But that is what she's making, really.)  Thanks to the Create-A-Style tool in Sims 3, every single last colour or pattern in this room was either picked out or tweaked by me!  See that pink granite-marbley textured fridge?  I did that.  Why?  For SCIENCE!--I mean, because I could.  :)

Wish me luck against the Emperor!


This is a cute and small one. And it involves BOOKS!  I got it from Bondchick-Nett's journal (who is not a friend, but awesome...I still lurk and check up on her Sims every now and then because she's freaking hilarious. And likes a LOT of the same things I do, it seems.)

Oh, that's right--I haven't posted any of my own Sims stuff here, so you haven't seen it yet.  I will.  Eventually.

Anyway. MEMEAGE!


Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

"It's going wrong!"

HAHA! Generic enough for you? That is actually from "The Thief of Time", by Terry Pratchett. I considered the book I'm currently reading (rereading "A Spell for Chameleon", the first Xanth book, 'cos it's been AGES) but when I stretched out, I realised that my shelf with the Discworld books in the front row was closer to my left hand than where I had plunked down the Xanth book was to my right.  (For the record, that sentence would've been:  "That right, men?")

I literally closed my eyes as I reached out towards the "Discworld Shelf" (might as well call it that; they've taken over the entire front row and a little bit on the top back. If you're beginning to get the idea I'm a real bookworm, you're right) and I was certain I was gonna get, like, "Monstrous Regiment", but no--I got the freaky science-fictiony one that it seems hardly anybody likes, and I LOVE, and it's all Doctor Whoish and everything! Yay!
(Specifically, it reminds me of "The Time Monster"--which is a serial nobody likes except me, too. Yay!)

So!  I tag...anyone who's listening, if anybody IS listening.  It's a book meme--what could be better?


"Stitch THIS, Dracula!"

Oh, by the way, the stuff behind the cut in the last entry is not really spoilery for "Ghost Light" itself, and only gives a vague rundown of some of the things Seven has done up TO that point, that remind me of Ten.  You may run into one or two items that make you go "Wait, when did that happen?" if you haven't seen up through "Greatest Show in the Galaxy", but that's all.

And I was wrong--it wasn't that much like "The Unquiet Dead".  I'll tell you what it started reminding me of, at one point.  NEIL.  FREAKING.  GAIMAN, is who.  Specifically, perhaps...Neverwhere?  With strange, not quite explained, supernatural (or alien?) characters with names like "Light" and "Control"...where...you get the impression that isn't just their name, but also kind of waht they are.  Hey, can we get Door over here too, please?  (Which, of course, means that Gaiman was perhaps at least unconsciously thinking of this episode, since, ya know, "Neverwhere" was later.)   I mean, like...everybody in Neverwhere may or may not be quite human and may or may not have powers and if they do, they work in ways we're not used to...it's not like you can peg them as:  "Oh.  That's A wizard.  That's A vampire."  They're just...what they are, and they're not gonna spill out their life stories to you.

And, the thing about the "angel" who is SO bloody annoyed at all these damn life forms moving about and...DOING stuff, when he's trying to catalog them, is intensely Pratchettian...although the character ALSO very much felt like something out of "Neverwhere" or "City of Angels" (the short story).   I don't claim to be an expert on Gaiman, but from what I've read...yeah. A modern-day, working "angel" living on Earth--but that doesn't mean he's suddenly all tame, ordinary and friendly.

It's almost impossible to spoil "Ghost Light" 'cos it'd be "like nailing fog to the wall".  I see now WHY everybody goes on about how incredibly confusing it was.  I...didn't get much of anything at ALL, but I will tell you don't watch this last thing before you go to bed.  Especially that one scene where Ace is in the narrow, dark-wallpapered hallway with all the different animals stuffed and on plaques around, LOOKING down at her, and suddenly just...GWLAEWJKLEARW.  I did not need that  much creepy in my Who.  I could feel that "NO!" feeling I get whenever I recognise that a dream has just gone Bad, and am about to snap myself out of it in my sleep (I can do that) as the scene started, and yet I had to watch the whole thing.  "Good-old-fashioned nightmare fuel!" is not a quip, here.  It's a warning.

I do have to wonder...what this serial would've been like with a different Doctor.  Seven was being his 12-steps-ahead-of-everyone kind of cold, frightening self, and...I'm sorry, but with only two serials left:  It's obvious I'm never gonna warm up to him.  He goes TOO far, too dark, and scares me.  He can be all cuddly and adorable and funny sometimes and almost make me forget it...and then he gets that look in his eyes again when revealing his endgame, and I just kind of want to...run away.  While he FIT with the overall style of this thing, he...did not help.  I gotta think, that with all the symbolistic nightmare confusion going on and so many characters being crazy-creepy sadistic as FUCK--a cuddlier, more...explainy Doctor REALLY would've helped things out.   This was not the part of the magical world where you're trading Chocolate Frog cards on the train.  This was tracking down Horcruxes in abandoned, tattery Muggle houses with little old ladies lying dead on the floor*.  I mean, I don't think Seven would do anything to me...as long as he was on my side...

But this is not the kind of situation that calls for a quirky chess-master with frightening flashes of temper, as your guide.  This calls for a Mommy holding our hands, to keep the shadows at bay.  Or, in this case, a loving uncle/grandfather figure.   Seven helped keep the whole serial within its own mood...which is good in an artistic sense, but I rather would've broken and lightened it up a bit, myself.  Oh, sure, there were funny bits.  Control learning how to be a "ladylike". Nimrod was likeable.  But...huh.

That aside, "Stitch THIS,  Dracula!"  HA ha ha!  Ohmygod.  Ace, you fuckin' rock.


*And I'm sorry for working in a Harry Potter mention AGAIN, but I just couldn't help it. The mansion SO reminded me of Number 12 Grimmauld Place.  That one creepy hallway? The decor is so...Slytherin!  It looks EXACTLY like the wallpaper in the version of that house I have in my Sims game right now, it really does.  I keep expecting to see the family tree tapestry with some names/faces burned out...


7-10 Split

No, this post has nothing to do with bowling.  Rather, it's about comparing the two Scottish Doctors to each other...

Ramblings about "Ghost Light" behind the cutCollapse )

I wish I had something more interesting to say here, but other than the fact that when I went out on my walk yesterday I got a cat who had never seen me before to start following me even though I didn't so much as say anything to it, I got nothin'.
Oh, wait, I just watched a "The Real Ghostbusters" episode in which a village in Germany is sad because they DON'T have any ghosts--the castles all should be haunted, but aren't!  Uberwald, or what?

SPEAKING of  Discworld, did everyone know they're making a "Going Postal" TV movie?  Well I didn't.  Until now.


How the Walk Went

UPDATE:  It turns out that I didn't need my mix at all, because they did indeed have music playing when we got there. LOUD music.  Really really freaking loud music.  However, if our club had been stationed out at one of the waypoints instead of at the main place, I would've still needed something to amuse/wake myself up with--so it wasn't a totally wasted effort.
The mix they played was quite interesting..not quite as eclectic as mine, but they DID have things like the B-52's right after the Monkees.  Other songs included Smash Mouth, Panic! At the Disco, catchy early '90s rock stuff, a super-fast disco-rap remake/mashup of "Kung-Fu Fighting", and lots of other stuff.  Oh, and one of them WAS one of the songs I had in my mix:  "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by the Proclaimers.  Ha!
Ah well.  I can use my Weird Mix of Doom to listen to when I go on my daily walks.  :P

Also, one of the "teams" walking today, was named "Team Battlestar".  Motto:  "Let's CURE this frakkin' disease!"  Rock on.
And, then when we went out to Village Inn for brunch afterwards, our waitress (who, amusingly, looked a LOT like a younger version of Ronnie from "Frasier") noticed our Starfleet T-shirts, and informed us that she had just named her new puppy Tiberius.  AWESOME.

The weather was really amazingly nice for one of these things--seriously, we're used to it SNOWING on us even if we do it in July--to the point where the guy organising it even said out loud, during the announcements.  Heh.


--from one of the snarky "Let's Plays" I've been amusingly wasting my time on.   OKAY.  So.  Tomorrow, I'm off to help out with the local MS Walk (we used to help with the March of Dimes WalkAmerica; until they deliberately "neglect"-downsized the one in this town to nothing to save money, which makes me sad because we helped them out with it for over twenty years!) along with the rest of my Star Trek club, the "U.S.S. Alioth".  It starts really freaking early in the morning.

I am NOT a morning person.

So, as usual, I'm'a bring along some music to help wake myslf up.  This time, I'm bringing Skuld, my mp3 player, instead of my walkman.  YAY UPGRADING.  :P  (Named after the Norn of the future, and more specifically, her "Oh!  My Goddess!" version, who is a total techno-geek.)

But, the amount I have in my Music Folder That Ate the Whole Midwest is WAY the freak too large--Skuld only holds 2 gigs.  So, obviously I'l have to use some portion of my songs.  What to do, what to do...

I finally decided to count off through my music folder by an arbitrary number and take every 20th song.  No matter how random.  
And hereCollapse ), is what I ended up with.  Yep.   Now you know more about what you're dealing with.

Now naturally I will not be able to listen to all of these in one morning--not even CLOSE!   But it was fun counting by every 20 and seeing what I got, anyway.


OKAY, so, I seem to keep doing links to things in these entries. This one is no exception.  :P 

"Ima Wiserd" read by Andjealous.   It's a YouTube reading of a bad Harry Potter fic that is--GASP!!--not My Immortal!  It's not even "goffik" at all!  I do have to warn you about the (clumsy, obvious, old-fashioned) racism in this one...but on the other hand:  Nobody has stupid confusing nicknames, nobody is HORRENDEOUSLY out of character, there's no random rape, murder or torture, our main character only has ONE person after him, instead of the whole school (and she cheats on him!), gets sorted into RAVENCLAW (blinks.  Yay!), and, among other mishaps, actually DIES at least three times.  I lost track.

Guest stars include Hitler, Dracula, and JESUS.  Also, "Magic" Johnson as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.  Sorta.  (It's also worth noting which DADA teacher his style is based off of.  Again, sorta.)  And it has a couple of the best DELIBERATELY funny lines I've ever heard--the title of this post is one of them.  "I hadn't been able to practice much" (for the Quidditch game) "on account of being dead."  HA... 

(EDIT: The story is, of course, NSFW, being a Gary Stu...but nowhere near as much as My Immortal was.  Also, the author doesn't use "fucking" like, every.  Single.  Other.  WORD.)

AND...just for you, Magrat (although others can join in if they want)...THIS!!
Ancient Egyptian Mythology, and you can also earn points by TRIVIA.  How cool that?!  I'm the one who obnoxiously ran off with the name "Ptraci", but you can probably still snag Pteppicymon or Teppic.  :)


Which, really, could be the title of ANY of my journal entries, minus the "awesome" part sometimes.  ANYWAY.  I got my package from Magrat/Robin  (I used my Megavolt icon here in her honour) and it is AWESOME!! Thank you! :) I haven't yet tried to use the batteries for their intended purpose, but the TARDIS is awesome as it is. I have it turned around properly so the sign is in front, and Sculpey-Three-and-Liz posed in front of it. Awww. This has made me have to move my sonic screwdriver down to the same shelf as my Harry-Potter-style "magic" wand*, and...yeah: "The difference would be...what, exactly?" :P

In other news, I have written a Sims 2 challenge of my own...and I WOULD play it except my poor unfortunate lab ra--er, test subject's lot keeps crashing.  I am not sure if this is a new problem with my whole game or just something about her lot, specifically--I keep removing custom things from it that I haven't used before, but, thing is, it was crashing even when it had practically NO furniture.  I don't know.  I just don't know. 
I used this FUCKING AWESOME name generator to pick her name, which is not only for Harry Potter-esque names--it's also got Star Trek and DISCWORLD! (happy dork dance!) names in it, as I found out for certain after "Dibbler" and "Weatherwax" got me suspicious, but then "Angua" as a female first name PROVED it.   I also recognised at least one thing from Narnia...in fact, it's from the same Narnia thingie that has Tom Baker in it.
(In case anybody is wondering, I will stop describing things as "fucking awesome" when they stop BEING fucking awesome.) 

I love a LOT of the names generated by this thing, so to narrow it down a bit, I decided I needed a couple of rules:

The last name had to be a Hogwarts STAFF member.  Past or present (and "staff" for these purposes includes anybody who works there, not just teachers).  Not just any last name I  immediately recognised from the books.  
Then the first name would be the first female one that was OBVIOUSLY a crossover.

So, my poor test subject already has strikes against her, as she ended up with the unlikely name of JADZIA LOCKHART.  (falls over laughing)  Oh lord.  Let us just hope she gets the intelligence from the science-officer side of her "heritage"...or perhaps she's actually related to Tifa Lockheart of Final Fantasy 7 fame, and there was a typo involved.   Heh.
(The really frightening thing?  That...actually doesn't sound that bad as a name.  You know?  It's got a nice...flow.  Sounds kinda elegant.)

And I'm pleased to report that my game's "telepathic module" still seems to be in PERFECT working order, as when I went to make up a random dog for her?   I was picturing some little splotchy, cock-eared shorthair puppy.   Instead, the dog the game randomly threw at me was THE FREAKING GRIM.  I kid you not--this huge, gorgeous dog DROWNING in jet black fur, with wolflike features, a plume tail...and human-grey-coloured eyes, instead of a more traditionally doggish colour.  Obviously the original name I had in mind ("Sparky") would no longer be appropriate.  (Amusing, but not appropriate).
Should I mention that said dog GETS ALONG with the local werewolf?  Dude.

Oh--Miss Lockhart (who is adorable, by the way (and whose appearance was randomly generated by the game)) also picked out this INSANELY fancy golden medieval gown for her formal wear.  I guess the flamboyant is genetic...

And then, as an experiment, I decided to make Tonks in my game, since she never got a chance at my Hogwarts lot...and not only does the game randomly generate her with SPIKY PINK HAIR on the very first try, but what she "chose" as her outerwear outfit? was the one called "Warm and Punked Up".  I downloaded this outfit for Ace, originally.   ACE, for crying out sake!   
See, I recently "townified" a lot of my downloaded custom clothes...which gives my Sims a TON more (autonomous) fashion choices than before.  So, since she now has nearly my entire catalog (which is HUGE--I don't know where to _stop_, when it comes to custom clothes) at her disposal, the odds are really high against picking any one particular thing.   And yet, she "chose" the only punky outerwear outfit I even HAVE!

The telepathic module, ladies and gentlemen.  The telepathic module.  I don't know what expansion pack added that, but my Sims 2 game has been READING MY MIND for years.  A character named after a Hogwarts professor gets "Padfoot" as her dog.  Tonks is a punk all on her own.  Three and Liz play chess together without my directing them to.  Peri gets kidnapped and bred with by aliens...on her MOVING-IN DAY.  Six is autonomously vegetarian.  Lupin is not only a wizard (capable of "teaching" others magic, even) who gets fluffy every now and then, but is also painfully sweet and shy, and rocks out to big-band music on his phonograph.  The Doctor (in general)  and the Master are constantly alternating between having a civilised conversation over a nice cuppa...and then YELLING IN EACH OTHER'S FACES!!  Kim Possible is an overachieving teen without my even trying.  Doc Brown's kid wants to be a mad scientist.

And most--if not ALL--of this, I cannot program in deliberately.  It just happens.

GOD DAMN, game.  Just...god damn.

Oh, and I recently got THIS result on this silly little quiz. Eat your heart out, Magrat. ;)

(One day, I shall do a journal entry that is NOT a multi-page epic.
That day is obviously not today.)

EDIT:  Okay, at first I edited this damn thing because I found typos or decided I could word certain parts better. These last few edits have been because Livejournal keeps taking out my line-breaks on its own!


*It's 10" alder wood with a nothing in it, and...SHUT UP, it was a gift.  :P

On a Horse With No Name...

So.  I have lots of random thoughts all the time, but I can never figure out which ones I want to say...so it takes me a while to get around to saying anything, when really the problem is I have too MANY random thoughts.  I'm trying to decide which ones are worthy of putting out there.

So, here's one for my second journal entry:

People in the early '70s must have been fucking insane.

Why do I say this?  I've been doing first-stage research for my '70s Collection, and listening to the top hits in the Billboard packet for 1972 alone, I...well I knew this was a transitional time, but that year was freaking SCHIZOPHRENIC!  Right next to "Hey, baby, let's have sex right now, there are no more RULES, maaaannnn.." you've got not only soppy, but religious soppy songs, right next to happy cheerful things like "I Just Wanna Celebrate" (okay, that was technically '71) you've got "Alone Again, Naturally"*, and in the same year that had real classics like "American Pie" and the introduction of Elton John (yay!) to the American Top 40, Chuck Berry--Chuck Freaking BERRY of all people--invited us all to play with his ding-a-ling.  
(For an extra maraschino cherry of bizzarreitude, top this off with a delightful--and I'm not being sarcastic here--little instrumental called "Popcorn" that, yes, does kinda sound like the musical version of popcorn popping...but it also sounds like early-'80s COMPUTER music, from eight years earlier.  Not quite as weird as finding a New-Wave-song-without-the-synthesizers in 1967 ("Mirage" by Tommy James) but pretty damn weird.)

WHAT.  THE FUCK, singles-purchasers of 1972. That's all I got to say to you. What the fuck.
It also kind of breaks my brain to think what was going on in TVland, during this time. For example, Jo was traipsing around with Three in silver platform boots and helping thwart the Master...

So, that's my thought of the day.  1972 was PSYCHO.  (No, I'm not posting any links here so you can hear the songs for yourself--I'm not that insane.  Billboard Top 100 Hits of 1972, look it up if you're curious.)

In other, relatedish news...I have just finished work on a new drawing (yay!) that took me FOREVER, and I ask anybody reading this:
Next time I decide to draw argyle and cordoroy in the same picture, kick me in the head, okay?  It'll be less painful in the long run.  :P


*Seriously, you ever sat down and really listened to the lyrics on this one?  I did.  For these collections, I make myself listen to every song all the way through, once, to say I did it.  I always knew it was whiny and emo, but I thought it was only him pitying himself because he couldn't get any hot tail.  Turns out the last verse is a detailed emotional account of how it felt when both his PARENTS DIED.  Geezus H. Phracking Christ, THIS was a #1?!   I'm used to soppy love songs staying at the top of the charts forever (sigh)--but a DEPRESSING drippy song?   The people who made that a #1 must've been smoking some REALLY good shit.