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Space Station Five

The domain of a deranged dork.

Robin Chesterfield
15 October
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I am a short, brown-haired female of indeterminate age living somewhere in the United States. That is all I can tell you. If I told you any more, I would have to kill you.
'50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, ancient history, animation, astronomy, autumn, back to the future, beatles, board games, cats, character generators, cheers, choose your own adventure, cinnamon, civilisation, classic sci-fi, computer games, costumes, crossword puzzles, daria, darkwing duck, dave barry, death gate cycle, disco, discworld, disney, doctor who, doll/avatar makers, donna noble, douglas adams, dragonlance, drawing, ducktales, dungeons and dragons, duran duran, ecology, equality, essays/reviews, evolution, family ties, fancy coffee, fantasy, feminism, frasier, futurama, gargoyles, gay/lesbian rights, general geekery, ghostbusters, halloween, harry potter, hercules the animated series, hitchhiker's guide, horatio hornblower, hot tea, ian chesterton, indiana jones, internet silliness, jamie mccrimmon, kingdom of loathing, lupin, maps, megavolt, mint, monkey island, monty python, murphy brown, music, music/music research, mutants, mystery science theater 3000, myth-adventures, mythology, new wave, newhart, oh my goddess!, oldies, personality quizzes, pop culture, quotes, rainy/overcast days, randomness, ranma 1/2, rants, reading, red dwarf, rolling stones, ron stoppable, ron weasley, rpgs, science books, sesame street, silliness, simpsons, sims, space travel, star trek, star wars (original), terry pratchett, the brig, the doctor, they might be giants, things that annoy me, things that are awesome, things that confuse me, time travel, trivia, tron, vampires, voices, walking, welsh accents, werewolves, wizards, words, writing, x-men, xanth