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So!  I've seen "Vincent and the Doctor", "The Lodger", and "The Pandorica Opens" since the last time I posted to this thing (I've gotta stop waiting until I've seen three episodes and then post about them all at once), so, what did I think? 

Possible spoilers off the port bow!Collapse )

In other news, I DO have other stuff I want to talk about besides Who, really...but as long as I keep futzing around and not posting until I've seen at least three episodes and have to review them all at once in one post, that will have to keep.  I just don't post often enough on this thing, in general.  But this is still a step up from when I used to not post at all for several months, so, who knows.


Attack of the Lizard-People

So...I saw "Amy's Choice" and the two-parter, "The Hungry Earth" and "Cold Blood" since the last time I posted.  What did I think? 

Well...Collapse )

In other news, you ever found yourself liking a character you're not sure you should like that much?  Well, here are some tips as to what NOT to do to make that go away:

1.  Look up the show on TVTropes, and from there get linked to actual canon (NOT fanfic!) things that not only confirm what you had suspected about this character's nicer side, but completely blow you away and rip your HEART out...
2.  Read about everybody on TVTropes drooling over said character, especially the trait you yourself like best.
3.  Watch a scene (again, canon) in which the character you like is the one to do something along the lines of HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AWESOME!, like, sheer bloody-minded Green Lantern level willpower, in a startlingly dark/intense scene that kinda comes out of nowhere in what's normally a really light-hearted series, so that all you can do is stagger back into your seat under the sheer weight of the awesome, and ask yourself "...what the HELL did I just watch?!"

Yeah.  Don't do those things.  (Of course, one could argue that since all this ended up proving that the character in question IS awesome, that it is now okay to like him and I don't have to worry about it anymore.  Still.)

In other other news, in my Chronological Superhero Cartoons Project, I've finished up the '60s Fantastic Four cartoon--which actually isn't that bad, if you can get past the oldschool Hanna Barbera-ness--and now I'm up to the 1978 Plastic Man cartoon.

Plastic Man is a character I knew very little about beforehand, but already I can see EXACTLY why he tends to show up fairly often on "Batman: The Brave and the Bold"--he was ALREADY a comedy character!  This might be the first American superhero cartoon to be deliberately rather than accidentally funny due to campy lines and horrible animation, and although it's clunky and doesn't quite work...I can kinda see the seeds for other, greater shows later on in this.  There's deliberate sarcasm, goofy plots, and the SILLIEST villians you ever did see.  I mean, one of them is a clam.  And not even a giant clam--a little, normal-sized one.  With an eyepatch.  His henchmen have to carry him around in a bucket of water.
There's all these references to bizzarre adventures we don't get to see, ala when Launchpad mentions "that last battle against Dr. Slug" or when Kim and Ron are talking to their ride about how whatever favor they did off-screen for this person was "no big".  It's THAT kind of thing.  And it's 1978! 

My main problem with this show is Bad-Luck Hula, the Hawaiian sidekick kid, who talks in a more tropical version of the way Hal Jordan's Inuit buddy "Pieface" used to talk in the early '60s Green Lantern comics--where everything is somehow related to his state.  "Leapin' lava!" vs. "Jumpin' fishhooks!"  But, Hula is actually useful as it turns out that apparently he knows everybody everywhere and has tons of aliases in every country. Somehow.  So, whenever they need a contact, that's who Plas and Penny turn to.

So far I've only seen four episodes, and although it has that oldschool kids'-show kinda humour that comes across as just plain cheesy nowadays, it looks to be an interesting ride--a deliberate spoof superhero cartoon from that far back.  Darkwing dialogue meets disco?  Possibly.


"What is WRONG with you people?!"

Stuffness about "Vampires of Venice" here. Don't worry, it's not too ranty. By my standards, anway.Collapse )

But it seems my subconscious isn't hostile against Eleven because, I kid you not, after having seen only two or three episodes with him (this happened weeks ago, but I didn't bother to write it at the time)
I had a freaking DREAM with him in it.Collapse )

...my brain is weird.  Awesome, but weird.  (laugh)



...or jammy dodgers, as the case may be.

Spoilers that aren't really and reactions for "Victory of the Daleks" through "Flesh and Stone" ahoy!Collapse )

Sorry about the length above--I keep meaning to write shorter, more casual journal entries more often, but then forget to write anything for a long time.  (I also wish to apologise for spamming your in-boxes with lots and lots of edited versions of my previous entry, magratpudifoot and bizzarreoptimism--I completely FORGOT that it would send a whole new message to you every time I did that.  D'OH.  Seriously, I was just trying to make it look more like how I wanted and get the correct ideas across, on MY end.  Didn't even think of that angle.)

In other news, I would be a little worried that my favourite character on Hetalia Axis Powers has definitely shaped up to be Germany--if it wasn't for the fact that the show is UTTERLY silly and, as far as I can tell, not meant to be taken seriously at all, and if my own mother hadn't once written a fanfic about Cardassians, who are essentially Space-Nazis.  So it's not MY fault. It's in my genes.  :P

But mainly, it's because he's a long...SUFFERING...(and with very good reason) deadpan...snarker.  A BARITONE deadpan snarker, at that.  When he's not flipping out and finally unable to take it anymore, he's got rather a nice voice, actually--but the fact that it took me until episode FORTY to realise this, is a testament to just how funny the lines are and how good he is at that flat, dry tone.  He (Patrick Seitz), like everyone else in this dub, makes everything he says SO FREAKING FUNNY--or rather, brings out the humour that was meant to be there--by how he says it.   I didn't previously recognise any of these voice actor names, but looking them up, I found out that most if not all of them are between 30--early 40s rather than being fresh-faced newbies, and each has at least a page-down's worth of experience in other cartoons.  That...makes a difference.  It really does.

(Oh, and the fact that I might've had my opinion changed re:  square-jawed blondes with short, slicked back hair changed by certain other WWII-era hotties has nothing to do with this, no...(That's Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, although Captain America in the '40s would also apply if I had any comics of his to grab pictures from.  There are better shots of Alan out there, but in this one he's at a desk and shot at almost exactly the same angle as the Germany picture, so...))

Well, to be perfectly accurate:  Germany is my favourite...but America is, far and away, the funniest.  Every time he even opens his MOUTH, I crack up!   Seriously--he swaggers into his room in his bomber-jacket with a sheriff's-star patch on it, a hamburger in hand, and an exuberant greeting of "DUDES!" and I hit the floor laughing every time.

Why Hetalia, and why right now? The why right now is because I had a slot in my watch-rotation open, a list of both old animes I've always meant to see and newer ones I just heard about that sound interesting, and a random-number-generator program.  The why watch it in general?  You'll find out below!

Further gushing/explanation about Hetalia here, cut for length rather than spoilersCollapse )

Anyway.  Hope this wasn't quite as obnoxious as the last one.  Toodles!

Oh, and to tie both subjects together, here?  At one point in the movie, "Paint it White", they're arguing about whose TV/movies are the most popular, and at freaking light speed where I had to watch the lines again to make sure I really heard what I thought I just heard, Britian says "Well, we've got some quite good offerings as well" to which France replies, "Time-travelling phone booths can only take you so far!"



Edit:  Edited one last time for THEME SONG PARTY!!  WHOOO!! 


Okay, so, first of all, I'm'a have to use cuts here, so I don't have to leave stuff out.  But stick around, 'cos unless I forget (I'm kinda sleepy at the moment) this post will contain some Moffat and Torchwood bashing, too.  YAY!

Now let's see if I remember how to use cuts correctly (ha ha yeah right)...Collapse )

Well, I hope that cleared up a few things, even if it was insanely long. Bear in mind, we're talking about my thoughts re:  YEARS worth of show that mostly got unsaid, and also I'm a very talky person. Anyway, see you later!  Those of you who are even still awake, that is.  :P


Yeah, it's been a while.  Here's a "quick" rundown of some of the pop culture stuff I've been consuming lately--to actually go into detail on any of these would require seperate entries for each. And probably also cuts:

--I read some more Xanth, a neat book about Asian culture (not just anime, but also like, foods, drinks, crafts, etc.), a cool big huge illustrated book about the history of sci-fi and an awesome prose novel about the early days of Superman that, among other things, totally NAILED the '30s culture.

--Played some more games, including Sims Medieval, various flash games on Kongregate, the new "You Don't Know Jack" and GASP!  an actual physical board game!

--Watched the '60s Marvel toons (including "WHEN CAPTAIN AMERICA THROWS HIS MIGHTY SHIIEEELLLD!"  Any of you out there who know that song?  It's now stuck in your head for the week.  You're welcome!), the '60s Spiderman cartoon, the random '60s DC cartoons, the '60s and '70s Batman cartoons, all by Filmation, and am now onto the '60s Fantastic Four cartoon.  Which, for a Hanna Barbera thing, isn't so bad.  I dunno.  I'm enjoying it so far. Then again, I only _semi_-ironically enjoy "Superfriends", so keep that in mind.

--Watched Torchwood up through "Children of Earth".  Will never, ever, ever, ever, EVER blindly trust a fictional franchise again.  The overwhelmingly, hatefully, POINTLESSLY bleak despair and high-octane nightmare fuel messed me up psychologically even worse than I already was--because of FICTION, which I was watching in the first place to ESCAPE from the depression of everyday life!--and put traumatizing images into my head that I can never, ever unsee.  THANKS, writers! 

--Finished Season 3 of Sarah Jane Adventures, too.  Other than the stupid and gross ending of the last episode, don't really have much of a problem with that series.  It's goofy sci-fi adventures against goofy-looking aliens WITH better special effects but WITHOUT slobbering, drooling, hormonal worship everywhere, so...basically what New Who should have been?

--Speaking of, I finally finished Season 4 of Doctor Who, all the specials, and have finally met Eleven!  (party streamers, noisemaker)  I have SO MUCH I WANT TO SAY ABOUT ALL OF THIS--but I've only got two friends on this blog and they both ignore me, including my best friend of over 10 years.

And...that's really the problem.  Why I took several months to get around to updating this thing. It's not that I don't have stuff to say--TONS! All the time!  I am just bubbling over with fangirl gush and angry fangirl bile and babble and theories and ideas!  But NOBODY IS LISTENING.  I've got no way at all to say these things where they'll become a conversation instead of a rant into the darkness, and that is just driving me completely bonkers CRAZY.  Used to be fine with writing stuff down just for the sheer fun of organising my thoughts...when I was getting answered SOMETIMES.  To not get answered at all is depressing. And makes me feel even weirder and crazier than I already do.  :(

That's not to say I'm shutting this thing down, just...that's why the long abscence.  Like anybody cares.

Oh!  And I almost forgot--here is part 3 of the Williams Legacy--again, as if anyone was reading it.  I could join an actual Sims LJ community, but...my writing style just doesn't fit in with them...


It's the End of the World As We Know It

...and I don't feel fine, in fact, I'm sick off my face at the moment and the fact that the temperatures finally realised it's been summer for a while now and hit _nearly 100_ today isn't helping me either.  ANYWAY.  Thought I'd finally update this with an informal review of the last new-to-me book I finished:  "Genesis of Shannara Book 1:  Armageddon's Children" by Terry Brooks.

Now, I've...had a long and storied history with Mr. Brooks's works.  The original Shannara trilogy was among the first fantasy books I ever read, when I was about 15 and just being introduced to the genre as a whole.  I see the flaws in the first book now, but I still find them an enjoyable read. 

The Scions of Shannara quadrilogy (tetrad?  Okay, everybody who just got the Tetris theme song in your head, raise your hand) came out years later, when I was a savvier reader and had broadened my tastes a bit...and I found them to have matured right along with me in exactly the right way. Although sometimes rather dark, they were GOOD and among the most intense things I've ever read--and the cliffhangers at the end of each of the first three books!  God...DAMN....  (And yes, before you say anything, I have read actual horror--I went through a big Steven King phase, too.  I'm aware he's probably tame by the standards of "real" horror connoisseurs, but I don't care.)

I sidetracked onto Landover and I like it okay (I'm a fan--just not a loud, melodramatic one), and "The First King of Shannara", a one-shot taking place back in the past, was okay too.

  ...and THEN I hit "The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara" trilogy...

To make a long story short (TOO LATE!) let's just say certain parts of these books were..._not_ to my liking.  Brooks' previous freaky psychological darkness turned into flat out vicous bloody GOREFESTS that seemed to revel in sheer ickiness for its own sake, characters dropped like flies not for the plot or even foreboding atmosphere but flat out cheap shock value and...the less said about the scene where we're flat out told one (female) character was RAPED and then left to die of exposure, the better.  Or the icky mind-rapeyness of the main villain.  Blech.  Like nearly eveyrthing else these days, in his attempt to go Dark and Edgy he went right OVER that edge.  The series' tone used to be creepy with some deaths and nasty traps, and PG-13 at the most sexuality...it turned into outright torture-porn.

Which is really a shame, 'cos the other new aspects of these books are quite cool.  I very much liked the fact that we had skipped ahead in time in this medieval, fantasy, broken down universe--and things were starting to change!  The society  wasn't static--their culture and technology was actually evolving.  The dangerous wooden airships that came across like steampunk-Hornblower meets "Skies of Arcadia", especially, fucking RULED.
But...there was all that unpleasantness.  It's one of those cases where the bad parts might be short, but they are SO bad they ruin everything else for you, too.

I still haven't read the "First Druid of Shannara" trilogy, even though the Jerle Shannara one ended on a more hopeful note and it sounded like this next set was going to be interesting, have potential (for example, a female main POV character for a change--unless we count Wren from the Scions set, which we probably should).  But no.  I had been burned too badly by all the blood and icky mind-rape.

SO...it was a real leap for me to risk trying out a new Shannara book again, and a sign of just how many years had passed, that when I found out about the Genesis of Shannara set, I was cautiously willing to give it a try.  One time period that'd only been hinted at vaguely before, not really covered in-depth, is the whole REAL early time, when the nuclear wars and whatnot actually transformed it from _our_ world (spoiler!) to theirs, actually...seeing how that process even happened.  And so THAT, I was interested in enough to give it a shot.  He used to be one of my favourite authors, after all.  It's possible he had learned his mistake...

The following review WILL contain spoilers, but mainly pretty darn common-knowledge stuff about the nature of the Shannara universe itself--not much on the specific plot-point spoiler front.   But if you haven't read the first seven books and have patience for long stories/non-ironic fantasy at all, then I DO reccommend you read them and learn this stuff in context, the way the author intended.  I promise it IS worth it.
Potentially spoilery review of the book here:Collapse )

SO...that's my review of the first book of this trilogy and I hope to read the others soonish.  In other news, here is The Williams Legacy Part 2, finally, if anyone cared, and I apologise for the boringness of the first one.  Stuff does start happening eventually, I promise.  Kinda.  Well at any rate, this being Veronaville (my favourite and most British/fantasyish neighborhood), there are some halfway amusing guest-stars.

(My site is now at Fortunecity, which I was amazed to find out is still here--I thought they died off years ago?  Anyway, SCREW Angelfire!!  Screw 'em hard!  More on that later.)



Okay, so, the usual--I've been depressed/too busy/whatever...I have had things to say, but since nobody ever reads this I didn't see the point.  I have found some neat stuff I'd like to share, but if I keep posting links to stuff without actually writing my own content, pretty soon it makes it look like my journal is just a place for me to shill for my favourite things.  True, most of the things I link to here are free, so it's not like, actual advertising, but...

But today I do have some content of my own.  I've mentioned several times that I am a Sims fanatic yet never posted anything Sims-related here--well here it is!  I have written a Sims 2 mini-challenge, which I am planning to submit to the Sims 2 Challenges Podcast, and I'm putting it here as well in case Rachel does end up using it on the show and wants to link listeners to the rules in text form. 

The Aspiration Matchmaker Mini-ChallengesCollapse )

And now, for a bit of my own Simming adventures.  I present:  The Williams Legacy, Chapter 1.  This is the first chapter of my first Legacy, when I didn't have a very good video card and had little idea what I was doing when it came to taking screenshots.  I DO get better, I swear...

But for now, hope you enjoy!  :)



In whitest snow, on blackest ice...

Okay, reading on through my Golden Age digital comics (don't ask where I got all these--this is the Internet...you can probably figure it out)  I SWEAR to the gods, this is the next one I just happened to get up to:

Merry Christmas from the Justice Society!

Ha!  I haven't been spreading much holiday cheer around here lately and it's only 5 days 'til Hogswatch, so I figured I should do SOMEthing. 
So...what is the actual content like?  Well, this scene never actually happens in the comic (they're seperate stories, so these three wouldn't be together like this anyway--shame, really) but Green Lantern's story in particular has this wonderful--if shoved down our throats--moral of tolerance and equality (middle left panel, if you don't want to wade through the typical compressed-storytelling era Walls of Text*), and how PREDJUDICE is un-American, not belonging to the "wrong" religion or having the "wrong" colour skin.


Again, I PICKED THE RIGHT FRIGGING SUPERHERO to get into, apparently.  Wow...!
(Er, that's not to say other superhero comics can't be classy.  You know what I mean.)

Oh, and Doiby pwns a thug with a gift-basket (didn't know Hickory Farms could be used as a weapon, did you?  Well, maybe you did), there's a rather sweet, touching moment between the two friends, GL gets...ANGRY when his friend's life is in danger and you wouldn't like him when he's angry, 'cos when he finally catches up with the bad guy he doesn't use his ring to like, slow the car down or make green caltrops in the road no, he just BLOWS.  IT.  UP.    
(Alan was violent at that age.
...a lot.)

And finally, we have street-corner Santas BEATING UP THUGS WITH BASEBALL BATS (on the same page as "blows it up")--or whatever those are, to save the day.
...I love comics.

Even better, it turns out this entire story was being told on the air by Alan, as part of their holiday program.   Ha!  Seriously, imagine it's 1944, you turn on the radio on Christmas Eve expecting to hear some nice carols, the odd commercial for Ovaltine and a typical, sappy Christmas story about how two little lost orphan children and a kitten who discovered The True Meaning of Christmas, read aloud by a little old lady from the Lace and Doily Society...and instead get a tale of high-speed chases, intrigue, superpowers and exploding cars?
I would so listen to that station.

Then again, this IS Gotham.  I imagine not much fazes the citizenry anymore.  :P


*Like I'm one to talk.  Heh.

New Frontier, Old Review

So!  I've been away forever, really depressing shit has been happening in my life, which...I don't feel like talking about right now.  I think it's a little too personal to put out on the Internet, even if nobody is reading this.

So INSTEAD, you get to read the way-the-freak-too-long review of "Justice League:  New Frontier" that I actually wrote in like, what, August?  I know this is too rambly for such a short movie, but screw you, I had fun writing it!  :P
(Needless to say, this is spoilerama, although I'm not usually very specific.  (I tend to say "WHAT, was the deal, with that part?!" without saying much about "that part".)  If you're planning to watch the movie, proceed with caution...maybe?)

  BACK to the '50s! With superheroes!Collapse )

For those of you who don't feel like reading anything that long (and I can't say I blame you), here's something (intentionally!) hilarious from a Justice Society comic from 1941.  Okay, so basically Johnny Thunder (who has the power to summon this genie-like thing that can do about ANYthing as long as he asks for it--but for an hour, only--after he says the mystical incantation "Cei-u"--which happens to sound like "Say you") is being attacked by some thugs.  His powers ARE working at this moment, but, unaware of this, he yells out "You could at least be POLITE about this!"

Resulting in...


Funniest.  Gangland.  Beating. EVER.  (cracks up)  I know, I'm a horrible person, right?  But I just lost it when I first read this, and...when somebody walks into the room at a moment like that, HOW do you explain that you were laughing at a 70-year-old comic?!  (Well, unless, of course, the person knows me.  THEN they just expect that kind of thing.)

In other news, how awesome IS it that I have a Justice Society tag, and actual occasion to use it?  (Would've had more occasions, if I had been updating regularly.  I have run into a LOT of stuff I could post pictures of and make snarky comments about.)  Very, that's how.